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I understand the distress of gynaecological problems; My goal is to help guide you to health with my specialised therapies, unwavering support and by training you in the self-care that gives you an active part in aiming for a painless period, pregnancy success or a healthy baby.

Periods: Many of us have grown up believing that painful menses are normal, but it simply isn’t true! Pain is a message from your body that something isn’t right, and it is bringing your attention to it so that you can fix it. 100% of my clients reported an improvement in their menstrual period after just one session.

Conception: I am deeply passionate about the treatment of fertility and conception problems. My integrated, holistic approach helps to ensure that both parents are healthy, helping to create the best possible conditions for conception, and enabling their baby to get the best possible start in life.

IVF Support: The process of assisted conception can be a lonely and disempowering experience, but I support my clients fully preparing them emotionally and physically – as well as confident to continue their own treatments right up to the point of egg transfer.

Pregnancy Support: This is a very special time and taking care of your self physically and emotionally is an important way to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your new baby. I help you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, using my range of treatments to relieve many of the discomforts and tp prepare you for a good labour.

certified maya massage therapist Maria Rafferty
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