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Self Care

Core to Arvigo is the promotion of ‘self-care’.

Every client leaves their first appointment armed with this important tool to assist with the healing process. Maria shares this key portion of the Arvigo Abdominal Maya Massage Therapy™ protocol with her clients, so that they can continue effective treatments between appointments. She feels this is important, not only because it helps clients to achieve improved health and well-being quickly, but also because she feels it empowers them and underpins the work that she does. Couples experiencing sub-fertiity or going through assisted reproduction can sometimes feel disempowered and helpless, and the costs can be significant.


Effective Arvigo self-care will reduce the number of professional treatments required and therefore the overall cost.

The self care includes a comprehensive range of strokes to both the upper and lower abdomen, work on the “concrete post” as well as some deeper work focussed around the navel followed by some lighter lymphatic movements. Self care encourages improved blood and energy flow to the area, and stimulates the effective removal of toxins. Daily practice of the self massage helps to enhance the benefits of the work done during your professional treatment with Maria. It doesn’t usually take long to see an improvement in symptoms, from healthier less painful periods to improved bowel function. Maria’s clients receive comprehensive notes including diagrams explaining how to perform the various elements which make up self-care massage.


Learning the Self Care massage is a gift for life.

Maria is a highly experienced therapist working in a number of healing modalities who believes in an open and empowering approach to healing. By equipping her clients with an extensive knowledge of self-care, she helps them to be active (rather than passive) participants in their own healing.

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If Maria’s practice in Belfast is not convenient for you, here are the other therapists available in Ireland & UK

Official Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioners

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The practice of self care nurtures and nourishes the organs and in turn nourishes our soul

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