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the results were remarkably quick my period became regular I came across Maria and Maya massage while looking on the web for natural therapies for fertility I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks and it was just heart breaking, my partner and I had been trying for a baby for quite a while so when we miscarried we were devastated.

My periods were irregular so when I read about Maya massage it sounded so good, nearly too good to be true so I made an appointment to go and see Maria and it has been the best thing I ever done.  I went in I was so nervous not knowing what to expect but Maria was lovely really friendly and I was at ease straight away. Maria examined my lifestyle,diet,medical history etc and then she set to work it was so relaxing.  At the end Maria showed me how to do a self care version of the maya massage which I did every evening after a bath. Part of my day I looked forward to, just the fact that I was helping myself between visits with Maria was fantastic. My partner and I also made changes to our diets and took the supplements Maria recommended.   I’m so grateful to have found her

We decided to give ourselves 3 months to get healthy before trying again for a baby again. Well the results were remarkably quick my period became regular no pain just the way it should be and in February this year we found out we were pregnant we were just so excited everything feels so much different than the last time and I’m in my last trimester now and under no illusion that it’s all down to Maria and her maya massage. I’m so grateful to have found her so to anyone going through fertility issues no matter what they are I can’t recommend Maya enough and every bit is important Maria’s plan for you and your self care it only takes 20mins a day and it makes all the difference so give it a go.

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